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Picking Out Granite Countertops Online v. In-Store

on October 9, 2012

It’s not every day that your dream bathroom is stretched out before you. It’s also not every day that you find out that your dream of having the perfect granite countertops in your bathroom can become reality. When I visited the Countertop Designs, Inc.’s showroom a few weeks ago, that’s exactly how I felt. I had been wanting to install granite countertops in my bathrooms for ages, but I could never decide on exactly which design I wanted. Finally, after visiting the showroom, I was introduced to my dream bathroom!

I actually just went in on a whim. I’d been saving up for a while for the countertops, not wanting to skimp on materials or design. My only problem was that I could never decide on the design and color I wanted. It was really helpful to have someone helping me out and educating me about the benefits of certain products and brands as well as helping me decide what I wanted for my bathroom redesign.

Luckily, I had photos of my bathroom with me and the representative at the showroom was able to help me select just what color would look great with the color scheme I had in my bathroom already. I was prepared to redo the countertops, but I was very interested in keeping the colors of the décor and towels I had already painstakingly chosen. The person helping me at Countertop Designs was extremely helpful in assisting me in the planning of my project. It was nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of when there were hundreds of options laid before me.

The granite I ended up selecting was made by Arizona Tile and I felt it perfectly reflected the tone I was going for in the bathroom. The color is called “Caucasus Gray” and it is perfectly neutral but makes a statement at the same time. I think it will be perfect for the granite countertops I was looking to find.

I am so happy that I just happened upon Countertop Design’s showroom because I probably wouldn’t have been able to pick out new countertops for my bathroom anytime soon. It was great to have a physical location to visit so that I didn’t have to imagine the granite installed. In fact, I noticed that some of the materials I had looked at online appeared much differently when I saw them in person. Some of them looked better in person, some not.  I would highly recommend going to visit Countertop Designs to pick out countertops. They were exceedingly helpful and I will definitely see them again when I need to pick out kitchen countertops.