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A Short Sale for Us

After deciding that living in East Sacramento was too expensive for us, we decided to hire Short Sale- Sacramento to help us find a short-sale home that wasn’t in the neighborhood, but was close by. We ended up getting a house in Curtis Park.

The neighborhood was absolutely lovely! I had never really been there before and I thought it was a rough neighborhood. Anymore, there are really cute homes for sale there and I’m glad we ended up getting one short sale in Sacramento.

The owner of Short Sale-Sacramento was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful to us throughout the process. He knew all about the real estate market in Sacramento and was really great about finding the perfect short sale home for us in Sacramento. I was really happy that I got a chance to work with him.

We love our new home in our new neighborhood. It needs a little work, but nothing too major. I feel like to have found a short sale home in Sacramento with Short Sale-Sacramento.

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Property Managers See Rise in Rental Prices

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Property management companies have seen a steady rise in rental prices over the last year, so says Scott of Vienna Property Management. Rental vacancies have gone down, driving prices up. Over a year ago the market was moving sideways with not much increase or decline in prices or vacancies. For Folsom Property Management, there has been a 44% increase in property rental rates since this time last year.

Just a year later prices are on the increase. The bodes great for the housing market. As rental prices continue to climb the idea of purchasing a home will become much more desirable. Since the housing bubble burst, rental prices have been much lower than the average mortgage. Financially it didn’t really make much sense to purchase a home because it was possible to rent a comparable home for half the price. We’re starting to see a shift that cannot be overlooked. Both in the property management business and real estate business.

Vienna Property Management provides management services in Sacramento, Roseville, Granite Bay, Folsom, and Lincoln. They are a small property management company that is growing quickly with properties all over Sacramento County. They’re quickly acquiring both residential and commercial properties. As property owners start to see an increase in rental prices, it makes more sense for them to use a property management company so that they can capitalize on the increase. Often times if property owners don’t use a property management company, they miss out on the additional rental rates they could achieve in a growing market.

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