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Updating Our Home Windows

on February 7, 2013

We bought our first home last year and had been giving it updates to make it look more “fresh.” We had done some fun things to the interior, but it was time to give the outside a much needed boost.

The paint on the exterior of the house was newer and in great condition, so instead of re-painting we decided to look in to getting new windows installed. Our neighbors down the street had amazing windows, so I thought I’d ask who they used. Theirs were installed by California Window Masters, and she highly reccomened them. It didn’t take long for me to see why.

They were a pleasure to work with from the start. They offer an expansive selection of window options, so we were able to find the perfect home windows to go with the style we were looking for. What they pointed out that I hadn’t even though of was how much energy we were going to be saving!

It turns out the old windows were leaking and letting all of the air out of the house. Our new windows will have a lasting seal which will drastically reduce our monthly energy costs–what a bonus! They installed all of the windows so quickly and efficiently, and wow does the house look great!