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Replacement Windows in San Jose

on June 18, 2013

When we were looking for who was going to be able to do our window replacement in San Jose, we decided to ask our friends for referrals. We got more than three people who told us that California Window Masters was the place to go for window replacement. And who were we to argue?

Once we got our window company taken care of, we were fast to begin deciding what type of windows was going to be good for our home. We have many brands we were looking at, but California Window Masters were able to show us a few brands we hadn’t even heard of. We ended up closing one of those because they offered energy efficient windows, which we wanted from the get-go.

Now that they’ve been fully installed, I can say that our windows look GREAT. They are working great, and they are just what we needed to make the look of our house complete. I love how they look, and I really like how they are also going to save us money in the long run!