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How to manage your rubbish at home?

on June 18, 2013

We are humans, we have needs, and we consume to satisfy these needs.

Our style of life, whether it’s a simple or a wealthy one; demands consuming, and through our consuming, there is a lot of things that we think they’ve transformed into useless items, that we usually call it by the name of “Rubbish”.

But what if I told you that you can manage this items to make money, to make a good impact on the environment, and to help your society.

“Reduce, reuse, and recycle” those are the three keywords of managing the rubbish of your house.

So if you want to make a house clearance of the rubbish, let me tell you some good advices:

  • Ask yourself these questions: what are the most materials I throw into the garbage can? And what are their quantities?

This is based on your life’s consuming: seek yourself how much plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, and food remaining you use, the knowledge of usage will give you an act decision.

If you want to recycle these materials, organize your rubbish materials by having itemized containers, separate your rubbish and throw every kind into its container, have a contract with a recycling company that will reveal these materials from your house, and also you can be offered some amounts of money or services in return.

It’s better than using ordinary garbage lifters that will take your rubbish into waste landfills, which has bad impact on your environment and society.

But if you want to have an upper hand in reducing or reusing these materials, which is of course better for our environment, I’d advise you:

  • Don’t package your goods with plastic bags, use paper, cartoon, or the better solution; cloth bags.
  • Try to reuse glass products again like jars or bottles.
  • Don’t receive free newspapers or ads flyers, by all means reduce the amount of using unnecessary paper products.
  • Buy less aluminum cans, use glass bottles instead, also try not to use cartoon or plastic cups, always have a mug or a glass cup to use.
  • Use food remaining in composting, if you have a garden or even some flower pots, use the internet to search about composting for further details, if you like gardening you’ll have a lot of fun!
  • Use the two faces of a paper instead of one face.
  • Use cartoon or plastic items again in handcrafts made projects.

Also keep in mind that chemicals and hazard items must be released to the proper waste place assigned by your community.

If you’re willing to use plastic containers again, always check for the resin identification code of them (the printed number on the bottom), as it reveal types of the plastic, avoid any second use of (#7, #3, #6) numbers, and the numbers (#1, #2, #4, #5) are safer to use based on the contained material.

  • Old items and belongings:

Take a tour into your garage, basement or whatever the place you keep the old things in, you could find old electronics, some old furnishings and others, you can either reuse these items again by yourself, or donate it to a charity organization, or maybe give them to another family member or a friend who needs them.

And if you want to make an extra money, you can sale them online, or give them to a recycling company specialized in these types of items.

Repairing and reusing is a good solution, spare parts in old items can be very useful in replacing damaged ones.

Electronics items have variable recycling methods; either you gave them to a specialized electronics company based on the type of the item, or you must make sure to release them in a proper way and in the right waste place for them.

This will always guarantee a good clearance of your house’s rubbish, and making a good use to all the house’s space for yourself and your family.