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Getting A Walk-In Tub Changed Our Lives

on February 18, 2013

My husband and I are both overweight, and as we’ve gotten older it’s gotten harder and harder for us to take showers in our home. We don’t fit in the bathtub and showering is becoming a real problem. My doctor told me to look into getting a Premier Remodel walk-in tub,  and it sounded like a great idea.

He had mentioned a few of this other patients who had used and recommended Premier Remodeling for their walk-in tub installation, so I got a free estimate. They were fairly priced compared to other companies in the area and even added custom tile work to their tubs, which other companies didn’t offer.

Installation day went very well. They didn’t even have to change any of our existing plumbing. Having the custom tile made the tub look great and stylist in our bathroom. The workers were very friendly and talked us through how to work the tub and its remote.

Our walk-in tub has changed our lives. We are able to take baths while sitting down, so we have no problem being comfortable or getting in and out. The water comes up to my chest, and drains very quickly when I’m done bathing. We now have the freedom to bathe comfortable and safely, and we couldn’t have made a better choice.