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A Premier Kitchen

For years, my wife and I talked about remodeling the kitchen. We knew exactly which appliances we wanted and where we wanted them. We knew what kind of countertops we wanted and what they were going to look like. We virtually had it planned out. The only thing we didn’t have until recently was the funding. But finally, after fifteen years of dreaming about our kitchen remodel, we finally have our new kitchen. And we have Premier Remodeling and Construction to thank for it!

Last year, our youngest son graduated college, and with all of the money we were no longer putting toward his Ivy-league education, we were finally able to afford the kitchen remodel.

We heard about Premier Remodeling and Construction from a friend of ours who built his own house a number of years ago. In the ten years it took to build his home, he must have dealt with hundreds of contractors, some good, others bad. So we trust his opinion because he knows a good contractor when he sees one. Even more importantly, he knows how to spot a bad one.

He had to call Premier after another contractor botched a project in his bathroom. He was extremely impressed by their professionalism, their craftsmanship, and the way they finished the project quickly and without delay. He said that of all the contractors he’s used, Premier stood out to him for those reasons. Upon that recommendation, we knew that Premier Remodeling and Construction was the company to do our kitchen.

Premier did a wonderful job, too! We spoke to them about out vision and what we wanted, and they took it from there. Of course they involved us in the project, but we were never worried that they wouldn’t get the job done within the quoted time frame and the quoted price.

The finished result was better than we ever even imagined. Premier understood our vision and executed it exactly the way we wanted them too. We even had the team over for dinner to thank them for designing such an amazing kitchen for us. Premier surely lives up to its name!

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The Remodel You’ve All Been Waiting For

Premier Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel in Sacramento CA

We waited a long time to remodel our house. As a reward to ourselves as new empty nesters, we decided to finally remodel the house. Now that we didn’t have a bunch of rugrats running around, we figured it would be a good way to keep busy and it was the perfect time to renovate our home.

We called Premier Remodeling & Construction because they were referred to us by two different friends of ours. The two friends could not have more different styles when it comes to furniture and décor. One of them likes a very rustic and vintage feel and the other one is minimalist and modern. But Premier managed to completely capture the styles of both people to make a one of a kind home for both of them.

Though we had a few remodel projects to accomplish, we had Premier start with the kitchen. We had always wanted to have a kitchen that was open and welcoming, but our counter space was always cluttered and there wasn’t enough room for us to entertain. Premier created our dream kitchen, complete with all stainless steel and brand-new matching appliances. They did a great job redoing the floor and countertops too. Everything formed a very cohesive design and stayed true to what we had in mind.

Also in the kitchen, we had Premier install custom cabinets. After finally deciding on what kind of wood we wanted and which style we preferred, we elected for a lighter finish with more stainless steel hardware. An option that was available was also European hingeless cabinets that would make the kitchen look more sophisticated that it was.

Another remodel project we had them do was our bathroom, which was in a mild state of disrepair. The tile in our bathroom was just terrible and it was in serious need of being renovated. We had them install a beautiful vanity with stainless steel hardware and dark wood. The result was beyond stunning. It almost made us wish we had renovated the guest bedroom so at least people would be able to see how great our new bathroom is! Premier did a fantastic job of getting everything right the first time!

Now, my friends ask me for referrals when they come over and see what we’ve done with our house. It’s surprising that we waited this long, because now we wish we had done it earlier.

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Replacement Windows for Your Home

Many homeowners are now electing to go with energy efficient windows, doors, and appliances says Tony of D&D Windows in Sacramento. The benefit of using energy efficient windows, doors and appliances is that they increase the value of your home and save you energy.

Of course they have their initial cost, which combined could add up to quite a bit, but they quickly start paying for themselves. Tony the owner of D&D Windows says “almost every client for the past couple years wants energy efficient products. When it comes to new, replacement windows especially because new windows for you home can translate to lower gas and electric bills. The insulation of a good home window just can’t be overlooked. Their value immediately saves you money.

In addition to saving money, new home windows can also add curb appeal. A good window and door can really provide that wow factor for prospective buyers if they match the exterior of the house. If you’re interested in new windows or doors, feel to visit D&D Windows Website.

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