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Bay Move

I wanted to move to the Bay because I was tired of the town I was living in and needed some excitement. Golden Bay Moving Company has 5 stars on Yelp and was there for me to help me with the move to the Bay Area. I found some great part time work to get me started there before I found a full time job.

They are an incredible moving company and were able to schedule my move with no problem. I was reading through the over 170 reviews they have and was astounded by the amazing things people had to say. I couldn’t have picked a better company!

It showed from the moment they arrived why they have such great reviews. They are so personable and friendly, and really now how to get the job done. They showed up, right on time, and moved my stuff down like it was nothing. They knew exactly how to move each thing and you can tell they’ve seen it all before!

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New Location In Seattle

I commuted a long way to get to my new job, so it wasn’t long before I started looking for new places close to my work. Puget Sound Moving Company is an amazing business that scheduled my local move to my new apartment. Not only do they do a great job, but their prices are unbeatable.

They arrived right on time and got to work. They first assessed everything to make sure they moved the right things first into the truck. They also made sure everything was packed up enough to be sure nothing would get damaged. They had their own supplies to use should any of my own packing job have gone awry.

My local movers Seattle did an amazing job and worked so quickly. I couldn’t have asked for more from a moving company. They know their stuff and are the best around!

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San Diego Movers Provide Green Service that Saves Money

San Diego Residential House

Manpower Movers of San Diego is the first moving company in southern California to go green. Manpower Movers, who is located in San Diego and provides local and long distance moves, is now offering an eco-crates program to reduce the amount of boxes their customers use on each move.

The average move can use anywhere from 60-120 boxes, and most of the boxes are discarded at the end of the move. Even the boxes that are recycled require a significant amount of energy to make and recycle. The eco-crates Manpower Movers provides, are designed to eliminate boxes all together.

The eco-crates, which Manpower Movers offers for free, are dropped off at the customer’s house before each move. At the end of the move, Manpower Movers will pick up the eco-crates once the customer finishes unpacking.

The eco-crates not only save the environment, but they also save the customer money. Many people think of green products as being over priced and more expensive. In the case of Manpower’s eco-crates, their goal is to save the customer time and money. Since the service is free and is not incorporated into the overall price, customer’s save money by not having to purchase boxes. And by not having to accumulate boxes over the span of a couple weeks, the customer saves time by not having to go to various commercial outlets looking for used boxes.

So far, the program has been a success. It’s been a win-win for people moving and also for Manpower Movers. Manpower projects they’re saving about 3600 boxes per year, and saving their customers about $150 per move. For more information on Manpower Movers eco-crates service in San Diego, they are located at 7960 Silverton Avenue Suite 125, San Diego, CA 92126 and can be reached at 619-961-8800.



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