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How hot?

I was pretty busy sweating myself silly when my roommate announced how hot it was. “How hot?” I said. Her answer, 107 degrees, was not what I was prepared to hear. I told her, “I think it’s time for us to get the air conditioner fixed.” So she called Alley Heating & Air based on a print ad we saw in the Pennysaver.

We have been dealing with a broken air conditioner since the beginning of summer. The thing is, we don’t usually don’t even need it it that much– not this summer, anyway. We just figured that we’d save ourselves about $600 and have a non-operational air conditioner all summer. But when the heat reached 107– it was time to bite the bullet and get our air conditioning fixed.

And it wasn’t even that big of a deal– nor was it especially expensive, either. Even though we saved a lot of money by not being able to turn on the air conditioner, I almost think it would have been worth not sweating through our sheets every night. But, all that is behind us now. Now, we have a great and functioning a/c unit and we are cool as cucumbers!

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Window Majesty

I’ve been meaning to do an entryway redesign for a long time now, but just never had the right idea, and/or enough money. So when I got a raise, I called California Window Masters to help me design the transom windows I’ve always wanted above the doorway to my house. I had compiled enough pictures and clippings for California Window Masters to come up with something pretty cool.

I liked the idea of a transom window above the entry door because it give light to a foyer. I’m a huge fan of natural light, so I was excited to finally have some in the entryway like I’ve always wanted. Plus, once I discovered that you can install transom windows inside of the house too, I wanted to discuss that option as well.

I was really impressed with the final product, even though I didn’t have a clear image of what I wanted. From the clippings, our conversations and descriptions, California Window Masters was able to complete my project with creativity and style. I would recommend their work to anyone looking for replacement windows, new windows, or a custom design like mine.

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An Army of Ants

Ants have never been insects that I am okay with coexisting with in my home. As a result of too many ants finding their way into my home due to extreme heat, I finally called Specialized Pest Control to get the problem under control.

I don’t mind certain spiders or some bugs, but ants and cockroaches I will not tolerate in my apartment. Last summer, I had a similar problem with cockroaches and called Specialized Pest because someone had recommended them as a result of a mouse problem. For one, I could at least be grateful for the fact that I didn’t have to worry about that!

I was able to have them come in the very same day to eradicate the ant situation and I didn’t have any problems after that. At least, from the time of this writing (4 months). I was very happy with Specialized Pest Control and would recommend it to a friend!

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Replacement Windows in San Jose

When we were looking for who was going to be able to do our window replacement in San Jose, we decided to ask our friends for referrals. We got more than three people who told us that California Window Masters was the place to go for window replacement. And who were we to argue?

Once we got our window company taken care of, we were fast to begin deciding what type of windows was going to be good for our home. We have many brands we were looking at, but California Window Masters were able to show us a few brands we hadn’t even heard of. We ended up closing one of those because they offered energy efficient windows, which we wanted from the get-go.

Now that they’ve been fully installed, I can say that our windows look GREAT. They are working great, and they are just what we needed to make the look of our house complete. I love how they look, and I really like how they are also going to save us money in the long run!

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A Short Sale for Us

After deciding that living in East Sacramento was too expensive for us, we decided to hire Short Sale- Sacramento to help us find a short-sale home that wasn’t in the neighborhood, but was close by. We ended up getting a house in Curtis Park.

The neighborhood was absolutely lovely! I had never really been there before and I thought it was a rough neighborhood. Anymore, there are really cute homes for sale there and I’m glad we ended up getting one short sale in Sacramento.

The owner of Short Sale-Sacramento was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful to us throughout the process. He knew all about the real estate market in Sacramento and was really great about finding the perfect short sale home for us in Sacramento. I was really happy that I got a chance to work with him.

We love our new home in our new neighborhood. It needs a little work, but nothing too major. I feel like to have found a short sale home in Sacramento with Short Sale-Sacramento.

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I’ve Been Using A Nanny on the Net for 8 Years

If you live in the San Francisco area and are looking for nanny services, look no further than A Nanny on the Net. They’ve been around for over 20 years and were a company I have trusted and used personally for 8.

My husband and I both work full-time and both of our jobs require a decent amount of travel. We wanted to start a family without having to give up our careers. When I first was looking for a nanny I was scared and didn’t know how I’d be able to trust anyone with my kids.

My neighbor at the time had used their services and suggested them to me, and I’ve been using them ever since. Every nanny we’ve had over the past 8 years has lived up to and exceeded our expectations. A Nanny on the Net only hires nannies who have at least 3 years of experience under their belt, and the application process for their employees helps to find quality, loving people.

The application process is easy and you can do it right from their website. I would recommend A Nanny on the Net to anyone who is looking for a quality nanny that you can trust.

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Getting A Walk-In Tub Changed Our Lives

My husband and I are both overweight, and as we’ve gotten older it’s gotten harder and harder for us to take showers in our home. We don’t fit in the bathtub and showering is becoming a real problem. My doctor told me to look into getting a Premier Remodel walk-in tub,  and it sounded like a great idea.

He had mentioned a few of this other patients who had used and recommended Premier Remodeling for their walk-in tub installation, so I got a free estimate. They were fairly priced compared to other companies in the area and even added custom tile work to their tubs, which other companies didn’t offer.

Installation day went very well. They didn’t even have to change any of our existing plumbing. Having the custom tile made the tub look great and stylist in our bathroom. The workers were very friendly and talked us through how to work the tub and its remote.

Our walk-in tub has changed our lives. We are able to take baths while sitting down, so we have no problem being comfortable or getting in and out. The water comes up to my chest, and drains very quickly when I’m done bathing. We now have the freedom to bathe comfortable and safely, and we couldn’t have made a better choice.

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Updating Our Home Windows

We bought our first home last year and had been giving it updates to make it look more “fresh.” We had done some fun things to the interior, but it was time to give the outside a much needed boost.

The paint on the exterior of the house was newer and in great condition, so instead of re-painting we decided to look in to getting new windows installed. Our neighbors down the street had amazing windows, so I thought I’d ask who they used. Theirs were installed by California Window Masters, and she highly reccomened them. It didn’t take long for me to see why.

They were a pleasure to work with from the start. They offer an expansive selection of window options, so we were able to find the perfect home windows to go with the style we were looking for. What they pointed out that I hadn’t even though of was how much energy we were going to be saving!

It turns out the old windows were leaking and letting all of the air out of the house. Our new windows will have a lasting seal which will drastically reduce our monthly energy costs–what a bonus! They installed all of the windows so quickly and efficiently, and wow does the house look great!

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The Perfect Dentist is Hard to Find

When I first moved to Fair Oaks, I had a hard time finding a dentist. Until I found My Tooth Spa in Fair Oaks, I had been traveling all the way to Downtown Sacramento and it just wasn’t time or cost efficient. But I really liked My Tooth Spa, so when I found them, I wanted to hold on to the great dentist I had found.

So when I found out that I was going to be moving to Roseville, I was sad that I would have to select a new dentist. Even though I loved My Tooth Spa, my awesome dentist in Fair Oaks and Carmichael, I really didn’t think it would be practical to have a dentist in Fair Oaks and have to drive a million miles just for a 30 minute appointment.

I asked my Fair Oaks dentist for a referral and she told me that I was in luck: they just opened a My Tooth Spa in Roseville! I was so happy that, not only would I not have to search for another dentist, but I also wouldn’t have to search for anyone that compared to My Tooth Spa—I could have both!

So after I had my last appointment at the Fair Oaks My Tooth Spa, I asked them to transfer all of my records to the Roseville My Tooth Spa.  And on top of that, they even scheduled an appointment for me that was six months out! I didn’t even need to call the Roseville office myself! It all worked out perfectly.

I trust my Roseville dentist because My Tooth Spa offers comprehensive care that I know I can count on every time I visit the dentist. From dental exams to cavity fillings and cosmetic procedures, I know that I will be taken care of. I feel thankful that I have found a dentist that suits my needs. Not only do they have multiple locations, but they offer care and service that I haven’t experienced elsewhere.

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Picking Out Granite Countertops Online v. In-Store

It’s not every day that your dream bathroom is stretched out before you. It’s also not every day that you find out that your dream of having the perfect granite countertops in your bathroom can become reality. When I visited the Countertop Designs, Inc.’s showroom a few weeks ago, that’s exactly how I felt. I had been wanting to install granite countertops in my bathrooms for ages, but I could never decide on exactly which design I wanted. Finally, after visiting the showroom, I was introduced to my dream bathroom!

I actually just went in on a whim. I’d been saving up for a while for the countertops, not wanting to skimp on materials or design. My only problem was that I could never decide on the design and color I wanted. It was really helpful to have someone helping me out and educating me about the benefits of certain products and brands as well as helping me decide what I wanted for my bathroom redesign.

Luckily, I had photos of my bathroom with me and the representative at the showroom was able to help me select just what color would look great with the color scheme I had in my bathroom already. I was prepared to redo the countertops, but I was very interested in keeping the colors of the décor and towels I had already painstakingly chosen. The person helping me at Countertop Designs was extremely helpful in assisting me in the planning of my project. It was nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of when there were hundreds of options laid before me.

The granite I ended up selecting was made by Arizona Tile and I felt it perfectly reflected the tone I was going for in the bathroom. The color is called “Caucasus Gray” and it is perfectly neutral but makes a statement at the same time. I think it will be perfect for the granite countertops I was looking to find.

I am so happy that I just happened upon Countertop Design’s showroom because I probably wouldn’t have been able to pick out new countertops for my bathroom anytime soon. It was great to have a physical location to visit so that I didn’t have to imagine the granite installed. In fact, I noticed that some of the materials I had looked at online appeared much differently when I saw them in person. Some of them looked better in person, some not.  I would highly recommend going to visit Countertop Designs to pick out countertops. They were exceedingly helpful and I will definitely see them again when I need to pick out kitchen countertops.

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