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The Perfect Dentist is Hard to Find

When I first moved to Fair Oaks, I had a hard time finding a dentist. Until I found My Tooth Spa in Fair Oaks, I had been traveling all the way to Downtown Sacramento and it just wasn’t time or cost efficient. But I really liked My Tooth Spa, so when I found them, I wanted to hold on to the great dentist I had found.

So when I found out that I was going to be moving to Roseville, I was sad that I would have to select a new dentist. Even though I loved My Tooth Spa, my awesome dentist in Fair Oaks and Carmichael, I really didn’t think it would be practical to have a dentist in Fair Oaks and have to drive a million miles just for a 30 minute appointment.

I asked my Fair Oaks dentist for a referral and she told me that I was in luck: they just opened a My Tooth Spa in Roseville! I was so happy that, not only would I not have to search for another dentist, but I also wouldn’t have to search for anyone that compared to My Tooth Spa—I could have both!

So after I had my last appointment at the Fair Oaks My Tooth Spa, I asked them to transfer all of my records to the Roseville My Tooth Spa.  And on top of that, they even scheduled an appointment for me that was six months out! I didn’t even need to call the Roseville office myself! It all worked out perfectly.

I trust my Roseville dentist because My Tooth Spa offers comprehensive care that I know I can count on every time I visit the dentist. From dental exams to cavity fillings and cosmetic procedures, I know that I will be taken care of. I feel thankful that I have found a dentist that suits my needs. Not only do they have multiple locations, but they offer care and service that I haven’t experienced elsewhere.

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