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An Outsourced Accounting Team

files sit on table for bookkeeping accounting purposesOur company has recently been through some restructuring wherein we have done a lot of shifting of departments and positions. One direction we were looking to go in was in outsourcing our accounting and payroll services, so we hired e-Office Team to take care of our accounting services.

We still have some employees who participate in the finance department for our company, but for the most part, we wanted it to be done by a third party. After talking to several other business owners in the area and talking to them about ways to save money and streamline processes, one suggestion was to hire an outside company to do all of our accounting tasks so we could basically go without having an accounting department altogether.

Basically, our accounting department was absorbed into our finance department. We downsized a bit, and whichever employees we retained were placed in finance. We interviewed several accounting companies, but we felt that hiring a smaller and local company would be beneficial to us in the long run.

Many businesses the size of my company hire large accounting firms, but I felt that we would get better service if we went with an accounting firm that was smaller and had smaller clients. In fact, when we were talking to the owner of e-Office Team, he was telling us that one benefit to hiring them would be that every client gets a specific point of contact. This means that my company will get a personal representative who will be familiar with our company’s needs to be available if ever we need assistance or have questions.

e-Office Team will also be doing our payroll services, which again cuts down on having to hire someone within our company to handle all of our payroll services.  This way, e-Office team can just do all of it for us, and we wouldn’t have to worry about it at all. We have a computerized clock-in/clock-out system, and e-Office Team does the rest.

We are really happy with the way that the restructuring of the business has gone. Although we would have liked to have kept an accounting department in-house, we just could afford it anymore. It is nice that we can get accounting services for a decent price and be assured that all of our accounting needs are taken care of.

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