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Landscaping is key when selling a home

The home is lovely. Throughout are updated floors, kitchen, bathrooms, and ceilings. It is also located in a quaint, kid friendly, suburb of Sacramento, CA.

In wanting to purchase this house the problem wasn’t the interior, it was the landscape. The landscaping was non-existent and I must admit a bit of an eye sore. We really wanted the house, but something needed to be done about the yard.

In real estate as in life, first impressions do matter. It can mean the difference between a sale or a pass. And in my experience, curb appeal really does sell. During the home buying process, potential buyers often decide whether they’re interested in a home within seconds of seeing it from the street. This also holds true for online listings. If the outside of the home is unappealing and the pictures don’t provide any life to the landscape, buyers will often skip to the next property.

The way your home is viewed through the photos online and from the curb can provide many quick messages to the buyer. If you home is nicely maintained, without overgrown weeds, and patch lawn, buyers will assume the rest of the house is kept in good shape. It may not be an accurate judgement, but a judgement nonetheless that can have an adverse effect on your goal.

Conversely, if buyers get a good feeling on their way in, they’re more apt to like what they see once they get inside. This means it all starts with the landscaping. Providing great curb appeal and a first impression can get potential buyers through the front door without any negative thoughts, and may increase the chance of them liking what they see.


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