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CPR Classes Saved My Son’s Life!

I was required to take CPR classes Sacramento because of a new job I was taking on. I really didn’t see the point, nor did I want to pay for it, but I ended up enrolling in CPR classes Sacramento at Professional Training Institute because they offered convenient class times at convenient locations close to me. I never thought the impact it would have on me.

Along with learning how to administer CPR and first aid, the CPR class Sacramento I took also taught me what to do in a chocking situation. My son and I were out on a long hike (pretty far from civilization) when he started to choke on a carrot. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but he looked panicked and was grasping at his throat. I realized he was choking and immediately took action.

As a result of the CPR classes Sacramento, I learned important skills that saved my son’s life. I know that I couldn’t have gotten help in time to prevent him losing too much oxygen. His life truly depended on whether or not I learned the new skills during my CPR classes Sacramento. What started out as something I viewed as an inconvenience became something I was so grateful for. I even sent them a thank you note!

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Our newly remodeled Missoula home.

Of course you think it’s gonna be an easy process for kitchen and bathroom remodels Missoula, but it never is. Or, I should say, it never was. But, we finally found CJ Remodeling and found that kitchen remodel Missoula was far from being complicated– it was really no big deal! Once we began working with CJ Remodeling, we discovered what home remodeling should really be about!

We met with CJ Remodeling after having been burned by the other contractor (who we won’t name) that worked on our kitchen floors before. We told them to stop the project (which was taking three times as long as promised), and we decided to get recommendations from friends as to a great company to work on our kitchen remodel MIssoula.

From quite a few people, we heard that CJ Remodeling was the best in the business! We decided we should give them a try, based on what we had heard from our friends who had used them for their kitchen remodel Missoula. We were so glad we hired them, because not only did they do a great job on our kitchen remodel Missoula, they also were great with making sure they got the job done on time. We are so impressed with them, that we keep one or two business cards with us at all times so we can give them to people who want to know who did our kitchen remodel Missoula.

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The thing about moving in Seattle.

Hiring a Local Seattle Movers is definitely worth it! Of course Seattle is known for its rain, but can you imagine having to move in the rain? If you’re moving in Seattle, the odds that you will have to do it in the rain are significant. Either way, you definitely don’t want to get stuck outside moving, especially if it means that you will have to be soaked in the rain while also enduring one of life’s most stressful experiences.

Another thing about moving in Seattle is that there are a lot of multi-story homes and apartment buildings that are really difficult to move large furniture into. Also, Puget Sound Moving can really do some great work if you’re diligent about making sure to call them.

The best thing about Puget Sound Moving is that they have great movers who are completely experienced and ready to take on your big move! They have at least a few years or experience and are completely insured for your safety. They are also trained extensively on how to carry out a move with fragile and expensive items. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

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Car Window Problems

I practically live in my car, so if anything happens to it, I get pretty upset. So, when a big rig dumped a big rock onto my windshield and cracked it, I was pretty mad about it. Especially because it meant I would have to get it repaired ASAP. I looked online for a good deal for windshield replacement and I found Precision Windshield Repair in Sacramento– they had great prices and I could even qualify for a free windshield!

I called them for a quote, which would be free per their website listing. I asked if it would be possible for me to qualify for a windshield, and they told me that YES, I could! I was so happy because it meant I wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket at all!!! Because they are authorized to get direct reimbursement from my insurance company, I didn’t have to pay then at all.

Another reason I love Precision Auto Glass Sacramento is because they are a completely mobile service! They can come to YOU to perform repairs. So, I knew I was going to be at my office practically all week, so I had them come to my office to replace my windshield. It was fast, it was easy, and hey! It was FREE!

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How hot?

I was pretty busy sweating myself silly when my roommate announced how hot it was. “How hot?” I said. Her answer, 107 degrees, was not what I was prepared to hear. I told her, “I think it’s time for us to get the air conditioner fixed.” So she called Alley Heating & Air based on a print ad we saw in the Pennysaver.

We have been dealing with a broken air conditioner since the beginning of summer. The thing is, we don’t usually don’t even need it it that much– not this summer, anyway. We just figured that we’d save ourselves about $600 and have a non-operational air conditioner all summer. But when the heat reached 107– it was time to bite the bullet and get our air conditioning fixed.

And it wasn’t even that big of a deal– nor was it especially expensive, either. Even though we saved a lot of money by not being able to turn on the air conditioner, I almost think it would have been worth not sweating through our sheets every night. But, all that is behind us now. Now, we have a great and functioning a/c unit and we are cool as cucumbers!

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Window Majesty

I’ve been meaning to do an entryway redesign for a long time now, but just never had the right idea, and/or enough money. So when I got a raise, I called California Window Masters to help me design the transom windows I’ve always wanted above the doorway to my house. I had compiled enough pictures and clippings for California Window Masters to come up with something pretty cool.

I liked the idea of a transom window above the entry door because it give light to a foyer. I’m a huge fan of natural light, so I was excited to finally have some in the entryway like I’ve always wanted. Plus, once I discovered that you can install transom windows inside of the house too, I wanted to discuss that option as well.

I was really impressed with the final product, even though I didn’t have a clear image of what I wanted. From the clippings, our conversations and descriptions, California Window Masters was able to complete my project with creativity and style. I would recommend their work to anyone looking for replacement windows, new windows, or a custom design like mine.

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An Army of Ants

Ants have never been insects that I am okay with coexisting with in my home. As a result of too many ants finding their way into my home due to extreme heat, I finally called Specialized Pest Control to get the problem under control.

I don’t mind certain spiders or some bugs, but ants and cockroaches I will not tolerate in my apartment. Last summer, I had a similar problem with cockroaches and called Specialized Pest because someone had recommended them as a result of a mouse problem. For one, I could at least be grateful for the fact that I didn’t have to worry about that!

I was able to have them come in the very same day to eradicate the ant situation and I didn’t have any problems after that. At least, from the time of this writing (4 months). I was very happy with Specialized Pest Control and would recommend it to a friend!

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Replacement Windows in San Jose

When we were looking for who was going to be able to do our window replacement in San Jose, we decided to ask our friends for referrals. We got more than three people who told us that California Window Masters was the place to go for window replacement. And who were we to argue?

Once we got our window company taken care of, we were fast to begin deciding what type of windows was going to be good for our home. We have many brands we were looking at, but California Window Masters were able to show us a few brands we hadn’t even heard of. We ended up closing one of those because they offered energy efficient windows, which we wanted from the get-go.

Now that they’ve been fully installed, I can say that our windows look GREAT. They are working great, and they are just what we needed to make the look of our house complete. I love how they look, and I really like how they are also going to save us money in the long run!

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A Short Sale for Us

After deciding that living in East Sacramento was too expensive for us, we decided to hire Short Sale- Sacramento to help us find a short-sale home that wasn’t in the neighborhood, but was close by. We ended up getting a house in Curtis Park.

The neighborhood was absolutely lovely! I had never really been there before and I thought it was a rough neighborhood. Anymore, there are really cute homes for sale there and I’m glad we ended up getting one short sale in Sacramento.

The owner of Short Sale-Sacramento was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful to us throughout the process. He knew all about the real estate market in Sacramento and was really great about finding the perfect short sale home for us in Sacramento. I was really happy that I got a chance to work with him.

We love our new home in our new neighborhood. It needs a little work, but nothing too major. I feel like to have found a short sale home in Sacramento with Short Sale-Sacramento.

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Bay Move

I wanted to move to the Bay because I was tired of the town I was living in and needed some excitement. Golden Bay Moving Company has 5 stars on Yelp and was there for me to help me with the move to the Bay Area. I found some great part time work to get me started there before I found a full time job.

They are an incredible moving company and were able to schedule my move with no problem. I was reading through the over 170 reviews they have and was astounded by the amazing things people had to say. I couldn’t have picked a better company!

It showed from the moment they arrived why they have such great reviews. They are so personable and friendly, and really now how to get the job done. They showed up, right on time, and moved my stuff down like it was nothing. They knew exactly how to move each thing and you can tell they’ve seen it all before!

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